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I.HELUTKA z Gajowego Wzgórza


She hits the middle of the size requirements. She has an excellent anatomy and very good coat as well as a nice, femine head and wide and strong front. Her upper and lower lines in addition to excellent hind angulations form a nice overall impression. 

Considering the competition, she did very well in the youth class, being always with those on the top. 



date of birth: 23.05.2014


dam: MŁ-CH-PL, CH-PL ILUANKA Białe Szczęście

sire: Mł-CH-PL, CH-PL SIUCHAJ z Butorowego Wierchu III



owner: Iwo Płóciennik

breeder: Dorota Gajowiak


Living with us.

medium-sized female


Mother our