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date of birth: 17.02.2016


mother:  W- NL'15 I.HELUTKA z Gajowego Wzgórza


father: CH-POLAND FILO Duży Biały Pies




owner: Paulina Bujak vel Bujakowska


breeder: Paulina Bujak vel Bujakowska, Iwo Płóciennik


living with my mum

BRZÓZKA Tatra Love


She is an average size female, very good anatomically, with a long and good in structure coat. Considering she is not the biggest female in the breed she has a very strong bone and a typical femine head with a lovely pigmentation and very dark eye. Another advantage of her is a wide chest and good front angulation. In opinion of judges, she also has a good uppper and lower line and excellent hind angulation. She loves us and is a fantastic babysitter but when it comes to protecting the garden she really feels passion to her task.

medium-sized female