Before we met each other, both of us were fascinated about the breed. Paulina had her most important, the one and only male dog 'Filo' from 'Duży Biały Pies' kennel. Iwo was searching for his female dog for a long time. It was meant to be a special Tatra friend and an important part of his family, but also an excellent show dog to make a start in his kennel...

     It was 'Tayla' from 'z Jagusi Zagrody' kennel. Right from the first day she took his heart and made him care about her just like she was his child.

     At the same time, Paulina was searching for a female dog to make a company for four years old 'Filo'. 'Ofelia' from one of the most titled and best kennels in the whole breed 'Alpejskie Zauroczenie' joined 'Filo' and turned his world around. 

     Iwo has always had a sentiment to a lovely female 'Jagódka' from 'Chluba Liliowej Przełęczy' kennel, and breeding line 'Białe Szczęście' that she started. As soon as the opportunity knocked, he decided to take 'Helutka' from 'z Gajowego Wzgórza' kennel to continue a lovely line from 'Jagódka'. Helutka is a lovely looking dog with a great character. She seems to be our 'forever puppy' with the way she acts and plays. 

     Of course, we have met each other on the Polish Tatra Shepherd Dog forum (where else it could be?). Our ways in a real life crossed on the clubshow of Polish Breeds in Strzelce Opolskie 2014. We soon became best friends and had so much to talk about (so many dogs, pedigrees, shows...). After some time we started considering breeding under the same name, as our vision of the best tatra dog was very similar. It was just a kennel name that was a subject to debate ;) in other aspects we had the same opinion. 

     Having two dogs each, we were meeting each other on regular basis on walks with our dogs. Yet we didn't know how it will all end up....:)